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24 Hour Security Monitoring

In an emergency a second can seem like an hour.  With Code 3 Security we know that every second in an emergency situation is vital.  Our 24 hour security monitoring is the type of security you can count on.  Our response when an alarm is triggered is immediately to ensure the alarm is real and the operator can dispatch help.  You can have peace of mind and sleep at night knowing that we have 24 hour security monitoring set up and ready to assist you in case of any emergency. In an emergency the last thing you want to do is panic.  Our response to all alarms and dispatch our armed officers along with medical dispatch if necessary.

We can also provide you with a 24 hour security monitoring officer. The officer will monitor your property for any usual activity 24 hours a day. 

So weather you are using an alarm that needs to be responded to or you require a 24 hour security monitoring guard we can provide you with both to keep you and your valuables safe. Our guards are very experienced with handling emergency situations. We take care of your security needs so you can live your life not having to worry about that part. Security is our business and we pride ourselves on giving our clients not only great service but also building a trusting relationship they can truly count on. We will be happy to serve and protect you.

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