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The majority of alarm companies do not have any type of patrol service to respond to your home should your alarm become active. Having no one to call for an alarm response means they will call the local authorities but local law enforcement is being overwhelmed with the increased calls and crimes, they may often respond in a delayed time, for the most part. Keep in mind most alarm companies, after installing your new alarm system, just monitor your system for a small monthly fee. By having us as your alarm response company we can be immediately dispatched to your property. Code 3 Security can serve as your security-system local contact if your alarm system is activated. Notify your alarm monitoring company to call us, as well as the appropriate local authorities. Code 3 Security can respond to any alarm-system activation, no matter who your provider is. Our alarm response officers will be notified to respond to your alarm as well as the local authorities. Alarm response is included in our patrol package.

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