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Bank Security

Bank Security

It goes without saying that banks need high security due to the nature of the business. Different banks have various security concerns and needs specific to their location. Armed Bank security protection is a top priority for both the employees and the clients. Code 3 Security armed bank security officers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Code 3 Security armed bank security officers are available for short term or an ongoing basis. Our highly trained management staff will assist you in choosing the right security plan for your bank location, at a competitive-rate.

Code 3 Security offers unarmed security guards, armed security guards, executive protection, patrol service, and off duty police protection. Code 3 Security bank security officers are mature and professional to handle any security situation. Our armed bank security officers receive extensive training to develop their interpersonal relation skills so that they will be discreet and non-confrontational in situations requiring their intervention. Code 3 Security bank security officers present a clean, crisp image and conduct themselves with maturity and a professional image to the public. Code 3 Security bank security officers are highly visible to deter those who may pose problems for our clients. Code 3 Security bank security officers have the highest grooming standards and look very professional.

Code 3 Security offers patrol service for bank security parking lots or parking structures. Code 3 Security utilizes the most professional vehicles in the security patrol industry. Each patrol car has a computer that can send reports and can directly contact the client, or vice versa. Code 3 Security cars have GPS so dispatch has access to all vehicle locations and speed based on GPS. We take pride in protecting banks and have the experience protecting and guarding against burglary or theft. You can rest assured knowing that you left the safety of your bank, employees, and clients in the hands of the experts.

Call us today for a free security quote: (888) 391-5210

Our professional staff is standing by to help you with all your security service needs.

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