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C3S Statement on Use of Force & Community Engagement


In light of the tragic events, we want our clients to know that Code 3 Security (C3S) has policies and procedures in place to prevent the type of incident that precipitated such events. C3S has established policies and procedures that are reviewed constantly. Additionally, All officers receive training annually on critical tasks including Use of Force, De-Escalation, and Bias-Based Profiling, among others. Officers are provided opportunities for additional training to equip them with the knowledge they need or desire to help them make objective and principled decisions.

By policy, C3S officers are forbidden to use any type of neck restraint except where lethal force is authorized and is deemed reasonable and necessary. Officers are trained in zone handcuffing where multiple officers dealing with an uncooperative person on the ground can safely apply handcuffs. None of these techniques include the use of knees or choking.

C3S mandates each patrol officer to be equipped with a body worn camera. Officers are required to activate their body worn cameras during each encounter with a member of the public to accurately document the encounter. This includes all contacts, detains, and critical incidents. The body worn cameras are also used by C3S to identify any internal issues that may need to be addressed, such as training, communications, policy compliance, customer service, officer safety, etc.

Since its inception in 2021, C3S has worked at creating collaborative partnerships with all members of the community and local agencies. We will always strive to be an example for others to follow. We are committed to hiring the most qualified, diverse, and educated persons to deliver the best quality service to the community. We want the public to know that our officers will continue to treat people with dignity and respect. We also pledge that we will hold officers not practicing these core principles accountable for their actions.

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