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Construction Security

Your construction site is unfortunately exposed to theft or vandalism without adequate construction site security services. It’s a fact that the easy access to the building materials makes it a target for thieves thinking the risk of getting caught is minimal. Vandalism and theft are two security risks to be concerned about on construction sites. General contractors, developers, and sub-contractors across Michigan have trusted Code 3 Security's construction security division to prevent theft and vandalism. Construction site thefts can cost residential, commercial, industrial and construction companies thousands of dollars and up to millions each year. Our comprehensive, customized security services address the safeguarding of industrial sites and equipment, your property; stop theft before it starts. Code 3 Security's vehicles can secure large properties and ensure that intruders, vandals and thieves do not enter your property at any time. Construction site security is crucial to deter crime at construction sites.




















Construction Security for Traffic Control

Code 3 Security knows that during construction sometimes traffic control is needed in addition to construction security.   We keep traffic flow moving safely and smoothly.  Our goal is to avoid interrupting your construction site.  Code 3 Security can handle both small jobs and big government jobs.

Types of Construction Site Security
• Patrol Services
• Access Control
• Emergency Response
• Armed Security Officers
• Unarmed Security Officers
• Off-duty Police Officers
• And More

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