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Mike Ayoub
Current Police Officer
Awarded "Officer of the Year" 2021 
Field Training Officer

Mike Ayoub is the Owner for Code 3 Security. Mike is tasked with running the day-to-day operations of the company. Mike enrolled in the Dearborn Police Explorer program later becoming an intern. Through the explorer program, he had his first introduction to law enforcement and security. While enrolled in the Oakland Community College Police Academy, Mike joined the Livonia Police Department assisting front desk operations and processing prisoners. After completing the police academy, Mike joined the Dearborn Heights Police Department. There, Mike was assigned as a Patrol Officer, School Resource Officer for the Crestwood School District, Wayne County Police Mobile Field Force (Riot Squad). In recognition of an incident that occurred in Dearborn Heights, Mike received "OFFICER OF THE YEAR" by POAM in 2021. Mike transferred for a short time to the Melvindale Police Department where he was assigned to Patrol and Field Training.  He is trained as a data master and is also a taser instructor. Mike currently serves with the Dearborn Heights Police Department

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