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Code 3 Fugitive Recovery & Apprehension 

Our warrant service team is ready to mobilize at your request. C3S oversees multiple fugitive recovery teams within the state of Michigan. Once mobilized, our teams are quick to compile data, locate fugitives, make apprehensions, and transport to jail. The C3S Warrant Service team is composed of some of the most talented and able agents Michigan has to offer. Our Warrant Service teams are dedicated professional officers who will locate and apprehend the most elusive and dangerous fugitives. C3S has a proven field record of making the impossible become possible by bringing wanted, and often very high risk fugitives, off the streets all across Michigan.

About Our Fugitive Recovery Services

  • Low / Medium / High Risk Fugitive Apprehension

  • Out of State Bond Revocation

  • Bilingual

  • Expert  Fugitive Location Techniques

  • Cold Bond Files

  • Highly Trained Apprehension Teams

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