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Hotel Security

Most hotels can be entered without any restrictions. When traveling on business or pleasure, your hotel guest should feel safe and relaxed while they stay in your hotel. At Code 3 Security, we offer custom hotel security officers and patrol services, according to the location, image, and clientele of the hotel. Code 3 Security has extensive experience in hotel and motel security-service needs. Our professional management staff will help you customize a cost-effective security solution by providing your hotel with security officers that will help protect your property, guests, and employees. Code 3 Security has your safety as its number-one priority. 

Surveillance for Hotels

Our security officers will keep surveillance on the grounds of the hotel lobby, hallways, hotel bars and all other areas inside and outside your hotel. We will ensure safety and security is number one. Our officers can escort unruly hotel patrons from the property in an orderly fashion. Keeping your hotel running smoothly without any security incidents is important to your hotel image. At Code 3 Security we understand the challenges of security in this environment and can place the right security team for your location.

Patrol Service For Hotels

Code 3 Security uses the most professionally equipped vehicles in the industry. Patrol vehicles are clearly marked and resemble local law enforcement models, which helps deter vandalism on your property and your parking lot. Our Patrol officers patrol the outdoor areas such as parking lots, pools and spas. We ensure locks are secure and no unusual activity is happening.

Hotel Security Provided for These Types of Hotels

• Hotels
• Motels
• Resorts
• Extended-Stay Hotels

• Air B&B's
• And More

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