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Residential Security

Statistics show most burglaries take place during daylight hours when no one is home between the hours 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

When you think of your home, you think of it as your safe haven.  In an open and sometimes volatile society, your home should be a sanctuary.  Your home is the one place where you have control over who can come in or get close to your property. Protecting your home and family from criminal activity should be a high priority.  We here at Code 3 Security offer many different residential security solutions to secure your home both day and night.  Code 3 Security can customize a security plan for your residential security to meet your individual needs. Code 3 Security's residential security is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at a cost-effective rate.  Residential security solutions are provided for homes, apartments, Home owner associations (HOA), Gated communities and Condos.

Here you will find just a few services we provide to help keep you and your family safe at home.

Alarm Response

The majority of alarm companies do not have any type of patrol service to respond to your home should your  alarm become active.  Also local law enforcement being overwhelmed with the increased calls and crimes, they may often respond in a delayed time, for the most part.  Keep in mind most alarm companies, after installing your new alarm system, just monitor your system for a small monthly fee.  Code 3 Security can serve as your security-system local contact if your alarm system is activated.  Notify your alarm monitoring company to call us, as well as the appropriate local authorities.  Code 3 Security can respond to any alarm-system activation, no matter who your provider is.  

Residential Security Vacation Security Watch

Whether you are planning on a long relaxing getaway or short vacation, and you need your residence checked during this time, Code 3 Security offers Residential Security Vacation Watch for those clients requiring short- or long-term house-watch services.  So plan your vacation and go enjoy your time off.  Code 3 Security will keep a watch on your home and belongings.

Patrol Services

We offer private patrol service that will monitor your property several times during the day or night 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Patrol Service offers a high security presence at substantially less cost than a full-time, on-site security officer.  Our patrol security services are a great crime deterrent for HOA, Apartment living or gated communities.

Dedicated (non-roving) Security Patrol

Do you need a Dedicated Security Patrol 24/7 for your home security? Dedicated Security Patrol is also available for properties or circumstances that require a full-time security patrol presence with a high-profile marked, or low-profile patrol vehicle.

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