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School Security

In today’s new you can’t go very long before you hear about another school shooting. Our approach to school security is to be proactive and not just reactive.  We want to ensure the proper school security services are being provided to best protect the students and faculty from any unnecessary stress.  School campuses are meant to be a place where students come to learn not only from books, but also sports, theatre, music, and an array of other courses that are offered at the variety of campuses we secure.  We want students to come to school and focus on studying not to worry about the safety.  We provide school security officers that not only give a high security presence with their professional appearance but also have years of experience in security to know how to best handle security situations.  On campus security is a high priority for not only us as a security company but also the community in which we service our schools.

We train our security officers for school security services by first having them know what signs to look out that would alert us before a violent act or vandalism could occur.  By keeping a close eye on the campus and patrolling the campus, parking lot and surrounding areas we can ensure a high presence of security which would help deter crime. 

Public and Private School Security Services

Our security services are for both private and public schools.  We also offer security for preschools that may need simple patrol service for the after care hours in the evenings to ensure the campus has security presence in the times you need it the most.

We offer free quotes and will come out to the campus and make the best school security based on size of school, number of students, number of faculty member, entrances to school and exits. These are only a few factors we take a look at for our campus security assessment.

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