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Core Values


To serve with integrity and truth withstanding all scrutiny


Doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons; Even when no one is looking


Defense of values without fear, even in the face of adversity


Complete dedication to our goals


Selfless and sacrificial with or without reward


Earning trust through fairness and equality


Pride in striving for and maintaining excellence

In early 2021, local Law Enforcement officers came together to create a new type of Security in Southeastern Michigan. They created their own company that specializes in protecting people and property and enforcing community policy. When choosing personnel, only experienced officers were hired. Their talent and experience resulted in a highly professional, effective, and proficient organization. C3S has worked hand in hand with local agencies to reduce crime and disorder. Our mission is “To Prevent Crime and Enforce Policies through Problem Solving Partnerships.” Our first priority is to prevent crime and protect property and people. When crime does occur, we take action.

Code 3 Security was founded on the principle that we would not be the low budget option that just provides a body at minimal cost, but rather the company a client seeks out because they are serious about their security and understand that at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Our product is the officer. In order to supply our clients with a quality product, we have to recruit the best officers in the industry. We provide training that far exceeds any competitor in the State of Michigan. Our officers carry equipment that is only matched by law enforcement agencies. We provide our officers top pay in the industry as motivation to come to work and actually perform the job that is assigned to them. We have supervisors who visit every single site, everyday, to provide support to the officer and to provide an extra layer of protection for the client at no additional cost. At the end of the day, you are receiving the most highly trained, most professional, and the most proactive officer that is offered in the industry. 



History of the Patch


When the Directors created the first Code 3 Security patch, they wanted a patch that was unique and stood out above other typical security company patches. The Directors wanted a patch that stood out and represented authority. They created  an outstanding patch with large lettering to easily identify their company. The colors were chosen to blend nicely with their department uniforms. The patch is currently worn today.

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