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Uniformed Security Officers

When choosing our security service, we will help our clients create a security package for their specific property & dedicate a security staff to service their needs. Code 3 Security is very specific about the officers we select to represent us & our clients, so we ensure that each officer sent to a client is not only certified, but far beyond that.

No matter the client location, size or amount of coverage required, we can create a security program for one officer per shift, 5 officers per shift, or more.

Whatever is needed to ensure our clients’ needs are met, and their assets are protected. Clients can chose to have their officers monitor and control access to their properties, monitor gate activity, patrol property grounds on foot or a dedicated patrol vehicle, stand over watch as a visual deterrent, check ID's, or even monitor cameras from a security console.

Just some of the locations and environments that Code 3 Security has provided security services at include, but is not limited to:

  • School districts (district office buildings and K-12 schools)

  • Construction Sites

  • Apartment Communities

  • Commercial Office Buildings/Complexes

  • Medical Facilities

  • Industrial Facilities

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Shopping Malls

  • Sports & Special Events/Festivals

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Code 3 Security assisting local PD at a clients property.


Code 3 Security administering Narcan to an unconscious female at a clients property.  


Code 3 Security officer advising a male for trespassing on a clients property.  


Code 3 Security advising a resident of a noise complaint on a clients property.  


Code 3 Security advising a male of loitering and trespassing on a clients property and escorting out.  


Code 3 Security dealing with an intoxicated male at a clients property.


Code 3 Security Officer performing CPR on an unconscious male near a clients property.

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