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For those clients & locations that need dedicated security officers at their facilities at all times, Code 3 Security also offers Static On-Site services. Code 3 Security offers security officers that will be assigned exclusively to your property. All of our officers receive ongoing training to ensure they can adequately protect your property. Our security officers can be posted at the front of your business to prevent theft, or be assigned to patrol an entire property. 


 Just like our Patrol Division, the security officers have access to a mobile app on their smart phones, which allows them to write reports any time an incident occurs. Our officers are ready to take any action necessary to protect our client's lives and property.


In addition to having a security officer on your property, officers from our Patrol Division will respond as backup if an incident occurs. 

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Code 3 Security Body Cam showing C3S officer assisting Police and taking a suspect into custody.


Code 3 Security officer administering Narcan to an unconscious female at a clients property.  


Code 3 Security officer advising a male for trespassing on a clients property.  


Code 3 Security advising a resident of a noise complaint on a clients property.  


Code 3 Security officer advising a male of loitering and trespassing on a clients property and escorting off property.  


Code 3 Security officers dealing with an intoxicated male at a clients property.


Code 3 Security Officer performing CPR on an unconscious male near a clients property.


Code 3 Security officer assisting Police at a clients property with a criminal matter.

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