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Code 3 Security offers vehicle patrol 24 hours a day. Highly Trained Patrol Officers will conduct random checks of your property in addition to responding to calls for service. Our patrol vehicles are clearly marked and driven by uniformed patrol staff. In addition to acting as a visual deterrent, our patrol officers are ready to handle any situation that may arise. 


With Code 3 Security, you will be notified of any incident that occurs on your property. Officers are able to write reports in the field immediately after an incident, while it is still fresh in their minds as opposed to returning to the office, which decreases the chance of any mistakes. As soon as an officer submits a report, it is checked by a supervisor and sent electronically to the client. 

Patrol officers also respond to noise complaints, suspicious activity complaints, parking violations, building alarms, and much more. Officers are also able to provide lockup or unlock services of pools, gates, laundry facilities, amenity rooms/buildings, or other requested locations. Quarterly light and graffiti audits are also conducted.


Code 3 Security is one of the most trusted companies, locally owned and operated.  We provide immediate response to your calls for service.  The average response time is 30 minutes or less for service. We have a 24 hour a day dispatch service and our patrol officers are highly visible throughout your Apartment Complex or neighborhood. Our patrol unit can be utilized for your home or business. Our commitment to going above and beyond our clientele’s expectations is why our client retention rate has stayed so high throughout the years.  As well as increasing our security standards as new technology and security threats have changed.
Our patrol service is a cost effective crime deterrent solution. We ensure that each property receives personalized attention from our staff of qualified officers and administrators. From the day we are hired, we are dedicated to each client’s individual needs, familiarizing ourselves with the property and personnel of the particular location.  Code 3 Security offers a dedicated mobile patrol for clients who require a security presence without the added cost of a full-time security officer.  We can provide lock-down service, noise control, property patrol, parking enforcement and on-call emergency services. Our Code 3 Security officer will always be impeccably dressed in one of our uniforms, designed to present an image of authority, professionalism, and deterrence.

Code 3 Security takes great pride in our vehicles as they must show a high presence in the communities we serve. We here at Code 3 Security can provide you with marked or unmarked patrol vehicles. Code 3 Security uses the best, most professionally-equipped vehicles in the industry. Patrol vehicles are clearly marked and resemble local law enforcement models. Patrol Officers can immediately dispatch local law enforcement, paramedics, and fire, with the on-board, digital-radio dispatch system. Each patrol vehicle has a computer in the car that can send reports and directly contact the client or vice versa. Every patrol vehicle is outfitted with a police equipment package consisting of an on-board computer/radio dispatch system, emergency spotlights, traffic control and emergency equipment including a first-aid kit, traffic cones and flares, a fire extinguisher, vehicle lockout equipment, and jumper cables.

Security Patrol for
• Residential / Commercial
• Alarm Response
• Secure Lock-up and Open Facilities Services
• Apartment Complexes / Condominiums / High Rise Buildings
• Commercial / Industrial / Warehouse Building and Lots
• Construction Sites / Shopping Centers / Retail Stores
• And more

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