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We can provide professional patrols in your community and around your business. We will document all violations observed while patrolling. We print the violation for the offender. You will receive an electronic copy with photographs of the violation. We can also provide the community with Lidar Speed Enforcement. One of the biggest complaints is excessive speeding by residents and guest. We have developed a speed enforcement program using certified Lidar units in our patrol vehicles to control speeding. This can be utilized with our dedicated or patrol services.


Below is a list of examples of violations we submit to Management.


  1. Parking Violations (Handicap, Double Parking, Fire Lane, Resident / Guest Dedicated Spaces, Commercial Vehicles, Vehicle Registration, Unregistered Vehicle, Blocking Sidewalk/Crosswalk, Undrivable/Abandoned Vehicles)

  2. Speeding

  3. Disobey Traffic Control Device

  4. Loud Noise / Music

  5. Littering

  6. Loitering

  7. Fire Hazards

  8. Vandalism

  9. Public Intoxication

  10. Open Container

  11. Trespassing

  12. Disturbing the Peace

  13. Illegal Lodging

  14. After Hours Use of Amenities

  15. Possession / Sale of Narcotics

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