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Code 3 Security offers a range of security services and private security officers in Southeastern Michigan to uniquely fit our client’s needs.


Code 3 Security provides Southeastern Michigan armed & unarmed security officers who have completed mandatory training courses required by our department. All of our armed & unarmed security officers understand that their primary objective is to deter crime and be as vigilant as possible in order to protect our clients’ interests.


Our armed officers bring over a decade of experience in the security and law enforcement field. Code 3 Security armed officers can be great asset to your firm in providing a cost effective and vigilant crime deterrent.

All of our officers are routinely monitored by our supervisors and their activities are monitored daily through our officer tracking system.  Our officers are all individually trained by a supervisor at each location to make sure they fully understand the tasks and responsibilities issued to them.



Code 3 Security Patrol Unit offers a great cost effective & efficient solution to clients who require the presence of security at minimal costs.  Our patrol vehicles are highly visible and effectively marked with the objective of establishing a presence and deterring criminal activities. Our patrol services are available 24 hours a day and can be customized to fully meet our clients’ requirements and needs.

Each patrol vehicle is equipped with lights, communications equipment (radio), lockout kits, jump box, first aid kits, and computer systems for report writing and dispatch. With Code 3 Security, you will be notified of any incident that occurs on your property. Officers are able to write reports in the field immediately after an incident, while it is still fresh in their minds as opposed to returning to the office, which decreases the chance of any mistakes. As soon as an officer submits a report, it is checked by a supervisor and sent electronically to the client. 

Code 3 Security patrol unit offers a wide array of services individually customized to meet our clients’ needs.  These services include Parking Enforcement, Pool & Gate lock ups, standard observe & report, alarm response, and much more.  Our patrol unit works great for small communities, apartment complexes, industrial complexes, and storage locations.


Each year Code 3 Security officers provide event security officers to numerous events throughout Southeastern Michigan. Our approach to event security emphasis on effective planning, risk mitigation, and incident deterrence.  We aim to take the necessary steps ahead of time to make sure all aspects of your event run as smooth as possible.

Code 3 Event Security Services has the capabilities for providing numerous add on features to make sure your event goes uninterrupted. From Armed officers, vehicle patrols, metal detectors, to wearable video recording devices, our company has all the features you are looking for.


Code 3 Security is ready to handle any event, including but not limited to:


- Sports Games                              

- Concerts

- Banquets

- Fairs/Carnivals

- Block Parties

- Fundraisers

- School Events

- Private Parties

- Conventions/Trade Shows


Code 3 Security officers working a dedicated client post will be equipped with radio communications that link up with not only our dispatch center, but also other officers in the field. Additionally, just like with our patrol vehicles, our dedicated site officers will also have access to a MDT to ensure the same quality and style of report writing that we are known for. Having a radio and MDT connected to our dispatch center and patrol division ensures that our dedicated post officers have the ability to call for assistance or a supervisor at any time.

If you're interested in our dedicated security services, please contact our office to discuss your needs and a member of our management team will be able to help design a package that is most effective, both from a cost and service standpoint.

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