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Careers With C3S

The individuals who wear the Code 3 Security badge share the common desire to make an impact and a difference every day. We look for men and women who value being part of a team where they are respected within the company and in the community we serve – security officers that know they have the opportunity to save lives and to change lives, too. C3S is proud of its high retention rate and career growth opportunities. The desire to help people, combined with a job where no two days are alike, make Code 3 Security an optimum place to build a career.

Code 3 Security is a tobacco and marijuana free company. The use of tobacco products on company time, or in a company uniform is prohibited, and the use of any marijuana product, no matter if done in a state where it is legal, or even if off duty, or prescribed by a doctor is also prohibited.

If you're interested in applying, please download, print, and complete our application HERE and drop it off to the Code 3 Security Headquarters location. Code 3 Security Security management will review all applications and contact those that meet our minimum qualification requirements for an interview.

If you're selected for an interview we require that you come to our office in professional attire. Be ready to complete a full application and other pre-interview documents prior to your interview. Those that are not dressed and groomed appropriately will be dismissed and their interview will be cancelled. Please bring with you your drivers license, social security card, CPL, and high school diploma and college degree.

If you’re applying for a position as an Armed Officer, applicants must have prior law enforcement, military or 2 years armed security experience to qualify. Those with law enforcement or military backgrounds are given first review.

If applying for a position as a Dispatcher, preferred applicants will have dispatching experience with a combined use of a multi-line telephone system, two-way radio communications, a CAD system, and must be able to multi-task in a fast paced environment.

Code 3 Security does not hire managers or supervisors from outside of the company. We foster a "promote from within" policy for all leadership or management positions. If you strive to become a supervisor or manager for Code 3 Security, we require all employees to first start in the field as a line officer.

All starting wages are determined by an applicant’s current certification status, professional background, training, experience and previous employment history. All employees begin on a 90 day probationary term. After successful completion of an employee’s first 90 days, they will receive their first performance evaluation, and may be eligible for an increase in pay.


1. Non-U.S. Citizenship, or no authorization to work in the U.S.
2. Conviction of ANY felony or a Misdemeanor involving theft, larceny, drugs, or domestic   violence.
3. Violation of C3S employment drug policy.

Starting ENTRY Level Officer

An entry level applicant is someone that has either a minimum of 2 years of Private Security experience; has served at least 4 years of Active Duty service in the Military; or has a combination of Reserve or National Guard service with at least 1 year of Private Security experience. Qualifying security experience is considered positions that required interaction with clients/general public where enforcement of client rules, laws & ordinances was a main component.

Starting LATERAL Officer

A lateral applicant is someone that has law enforcement experience, having attended and graduated from a police academy and served at some level as a MCOLES certified police officer for any period of time "OR" the applicant has at least 5 years of transferable experience in not just private security, but security experience providing similar security services as those provided by Code 3 Security.

Starting Dispatcher

Dispatcher applicants must be able to work in a fast paced environment, with the ability to multi-task. Dispatchers must be able to answer a multi-line phone system, while communicating with officers in the field via two-way radio system, all while maintaining an active shift/call history log detailing every call and activity of each officer in the field. Dispatchers must be able to effectively communicate with callers requesting service and 911 dispatchers.

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